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If you send us your panoramic x-ray and intraoral photographs, our team will inform you about the cost and treatment process related to the treatment.

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After you are satisfied with the treatment plan, we will offer you luxury, comfortable and close to the clinic accommodation in Antalya.

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We create your smile from scratch! We plan all the details about your treatment process with our team and start the treatment on the same day.

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We create your smile from scratch! We plan all the details about your treatment process with our team and start the treatment on the same day.

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Since the jaw and face structure, characteristic and aesthetic perceptions of each patient may be different, the procedures to be applied should be decided with a personal system. When deciding on these procedures, factors such as the patient’s jaw structure, gender, age, style and expectations are taken into consideration.

First, dental cavities or other medical problems that come with gingivitis should be treated. After that, in case of any tooth decay and inflammation in the future, tooth cleaning should be done. Then, the procedures to be performed are decided according to the wishes of the patients and the predictions of the dentist.


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zirconium crown in turkey
Miroslav Urban
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More then happy with a new smile More then happy with a new smile. Was my first treatment and I still go for second one. But so far, I really enjoyed the first one. Such a lovely staff, always smiley and very polite. That makes you very comfortable. Special thanks to my coordinator Yigit, my dentist Can and my surgeon Tolga and to all their assistants🙂and of course to all staff🤗 I really recommend ourdentist abroad to all😁
Ashley Doyle
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Highly recommended 10/10 Everyone was very friendly and made me feel comfortable from the get go. The team took a lot of care and attention to detail and I’ve come away with a million dollar smile. Highly recommended. It’s a 10/10 for me.
William A
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The best dentist in Antalya. The best dentist in Antalya. Everything is taken care of from the moment I stepped off the plane, including the plane ticket itself! The staff were super friendly and Dr Alp was such a gem. He kept me informed through the whole process and let me know immediately of any changes. I would recommend this dental clinic over any other in Antlaya based on my own personal experience of other practices and extensive research.
Casey chorlton
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Had the best experience and results… Had the best experience and results from our dentist abroad, I couldn’t be happier with my smile! I was looked after from the minute I landed until I left, the hotel is lovely and the service is amazing, all the dentist are very welcoming and make sure you are happy and achieve the smile you want it really is the best decision I ever made I would definitely recommend!
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I am very happy with the care and… I am very happy with the care and results I got with our dentist abroad my results are amazing and they made me feel comfortable throughout my treatment very happy with my new smile and the whole team are very friendly
Katie Heil
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Love love love this clinic all the… Love love love this clinic all the staff all polite very welcoming everything from the time I first contacted them to the day we left went above and beyond for us all I had a full set of zirconium and I absolutely love them a whole new full mouth of beautiful teeth my two children had composite bonding and absolutely love the outcome of there new smiles Honestly I’m so glad we went and had it done Absolutely no regrets and yiyit the young translator ( sorry if I’ve not pronounced your name correctly) what an absolute gem he is he’s a credit to the clinic 💙 Thankyou all again ❤️❤️
Mrs Scarlet Salmons
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I can’t say anything bad about this… I can’t say anything bad about this clinic or my teeth. My teeth are just amazeing. Perfect ! Exactly what I wanted and better! The team treated me like a queen. The follow up service is incredible ! The dentist I had is an artist. Not an everyday dentist. Everyone here is just wonderful. The customer care I had is 10/10 I can’t recommend enough
Michael Evans
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First class!!! If I tried no words could describe just how good this place is!! From the first communication! Then the work actually done! Was ready for the price quoted for what i wanted, but then after x rays I was advised in full details a better option for myself! ( also cheaper 👌 ) I had a tough couple of days as I needed 2 operations! But honestly never felt a thing!! This place e is first class! Thankyou for everything and changing my life! See you in September 🇹🇷😬✈️ Yigit your a star!!!
Nadia Bouhajra
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Hallo Hallo I was surprised with communication the feedback the super service.. They are translate it in english and ever step they make they let you know... I m going to go back in september i cant want... My theets are feeling allright No pain Thank you for everthing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Оксана Петренко
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I am very satisfied with the service… I am very satisfied with the service and the result. Everyone in the clinic is professional at work, they didn’t rush me with the choice of form, they always listened and helped with their professional advice. I am very satisfied with the result and happy that I went to this clinic😍🙏

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an implant? Can it be done to everyone?

Dental implants are screws made of titanium that mimic the root of the tooth, which are inserted into the jawbone instead of the pulled tooth. Implants, popularly known as screw teeth, can be applied to every healthy person who has completed Dec growth and development and whose jaw bone is suitable.


What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry. Currently, endodontists, who are usually referred to together with root canal treatment, are called endodontists.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a treatment method used to repair and restore infected or rotten teeth. During root canal treatment, the pulp and dental nerve, the soft tissue located in the natural cavity called the canal in the hard tissue of the tooth, are removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned, and then the cavity that has been opened is filled. 

Is there any pain after root canal treatment?

Because the pulp of a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment has been removed, there is no pain in the tooth against external stimuli such as cold-hot. If there is pain or inflammation in the corresponding tooth before treatment, especially in cases where there is pressure on the tooth, such as chewing, it is normal to feel a slight pain in the first few days after treatment.

How to brush teeth with orthodontic braces?

In order not to damage the wires, those undergoing orthodontic treatment should definitely use a soft-tipped, small-headed and flat toothbrush. Electric (charged) toothbrushes are also safe for braces when used at medium speed. Just be careful not to bump the hard parts of the brush into the brackets.


Our Dentist Abroad

Dental health is an integral part of our overall well-being. If our teeth are not properly cared for, they can lead to various health problems. Dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and periodontitis can contribute to more serious health issues like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in dentistry. Dental education in Turkey is considered among the best globally. Turkish dentists apply the latest methods to treat dental problems, utilizing advanced technology and techniques.

With Our Broad Range of Services, We Support Your Dental Health

We, as Our Dentist Abroad, take pride in offering top-notch dental services across a wide spectrum in Turkey. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we bring together expert dentists and modern technology to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your aesthetic and functional needs.

  • Zirconium Crown Coating: Zirconium is one of the most durable and aesthetic materials used in dentistry. Zirconium crowns provide the closest appearance to natural teeth and are long-lasting.
  • Metal-Supported Porcelain Crowns: For those seeking a cost-effective alternative, metal-supported porcelain crowns offer a more economical option without compromising on aesthetics. They may present a slightly darker shade compared to natural teeth.
  • Implant Treatment: Implants used to replace missing teeth offer the closest appearance and functionality to natural teeth. Our expert team meticulously performs implant treatment.
  • Laminate Porcelain Coating: Laminate porcelain coatings are used to address minor issues such as thinning enamel or discoloration. These coatings provide the closest appearance to natural teeth and are long-lasting.
  • E-Max Coating: E-Max coatings, considered one of the most durable and aesthetic materials after zirconium, offer the closest appearance to natural teeth and longevity.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Root canal treatment, applied to save inflamed or dead teeth, relieves pain and keeps your tooth healthy for an extended period.
  • Fillings Treatment: Used to repair decayed or broken teeth, filling treatment offers aesthetic and functional improvements.
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Orthodontic treatment, applied to correct the position and alignment of teeth, ensures a more even smile and improved chewing function.
  • Smile Aesthetics: Smile aesthetic procedures, aimed at enhancing the appearance and shape of teeth, make your smile attractive and confident.
  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening, applied to lighten the color of your teeth, helps achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

We offer all these services in collaboration with Turkey’s leading dentists and clinics. Each of our services is based on high-quality standards and the principles of affordable price guarantee. We are here to keep your health safe and rebuild your smile in the best possible way.

How to Come to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

If you wish to travel to Turkey for dental treatment, you need to follow certain steps to ensure a healthy start. First and foremost, you will need to obtain a visa to enter Turkey. You can learn about the required documents for the visa application from the consulate or embassy and proceed with your application.

Upon arrival in Turkey, it is important to visit the dental clinic for which you have made a prior reservation. The clinic will provide a personalized treatment plan prepared by expert dentists and make efforts to offer you the most effective solutions. Guided by a professional team throughout the treatment process, you will feel assured that your dental health is in safe hands.

You may have flexibility in choosing accommodation options during your trip. While many prefer to stay at the dental clinic during the treatment period, others may consider renting their own hotel or house. If you want to explore Turkey’s rich culture and tourist attractions, setting up your own accommodation arrangement can provide you with an unforgettable holiday experience alongside your treatment.

In summary, getting dental treatment in Turkey offers the opportunity to collaborate with quality dental clinics that provide modern medical services at affordable prices. You can consider this option for an experience that values your health and smile.

Reasons to Choose Turkey for Dental Treatment

Turkey is a popular destination for those seeking dental treatment abroad, and there are several reasons for this:

Quality Dental Services

Dental education in Turkey is considered among the best globally. Turkish dentists regularly undergo training to stay updated on the latest developments in the field of dentistry. Additionally, many international dentists practice in the field of dentistry in Turkey. This ensures that patients receiving dental treatment in Turkey have access to services from some of the world’s best dental professionals.

Affordable Dental Services

Dental services in Turkey are much more affordable compared to services offered in Europe and the United States. This makes Turkey an attractive option for individuals who might find dental treatment cost-prohibitive in their home countries.


Turks are known for their hospitality. When getting dental treatment in Turkey, you can undergo your treatment in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This helps prevent dental treatment from becoming a stressful experience.

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